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The Right Luxury Agent

Here are some general guidelines for choosing an agent to help you in the upper-tier residential marketplace:
  1. Look for market knowledge and real estate skills. Not only should your agent know the city or area you are interested in, he or she should be knowledgeable about the price range you've targeted. A luxury home expert should be able to discuss the amount of inventory available, the average number of days a property is on the market before going under contract, the number of sales in the last 90 days, and the list to sales price ratio, all by price range. The more knowledgeable the agent is about the upper-tier market, the more valuable he or she can be as a resource for you. When you schedule your first meeting with a prospective agent, let the agent know you want an overview of the market conditions based on price range. A solid track record of success is also a clear indicator of market savvy. Don't choose an agent based on country club membership, the kind of car he or she drives, or similar criteria. Do choose your agent based on the answer to the question, "Does this agent have the skills and resources necessary to help me accomplish my real estate goals?"

 Source: The Institute For Luxury Home Marketing, www.luxuryhomemarketing.com

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