Ascending the Pyramid of Design Coordination

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the decisions needed to coordinate the appearance of your new home or renovation project? When designing a space focus on these three key aspects: your desired concept or preferences, the key selections for the home's interior and exterior, coordination and finishes.


The concept and your own preferences are the most important guides for your endeavor. The unique look you're after can be defined using digital photos, browsing online and scanning magazines for inspiration. These will assist you in choosing the desired style, color, fabrics and furnishings. Keep in mind that you may use the complete or partial looks of the kitchens and bathrooms for flooring, backsplash, cabinet finishes, and countertop choices. Throughout, consider your lifestyle, personality and budget.


When selecting items for your home keep in mind these basic design principles: balance, scale and proportion, rhythm and texture. Balance is the most important element to achieve when creating a home or room. Scale and proportion should be achieved in all furnishings and finishes of a home. Rhythm is defined as natural movement. Four ways to create rhythm are by contrast, transition, repetition or progression. Texture drama is achieved through mixing furnishings and surfaces to create interest, without divisiveness, and is a requirement of a well-designed interior. With your concept and selection preferences in mind, it's now time to engage an interior designer and builder to produce a well designed and coordinated home. Why include an interior designer?

An interior designer can ensure concept delivery via melding the final fit and finish of rooms and their inter-relationships with respect to color, texture, impact and ambiance.

  1. Saves you money, time and simplifies your life
  2. Broader knowledge, including evolving trends
  3. Can develop variety of styles
  4. Can enhance your own style
  5. Prevents costly mistakes
  6. Has access to a wider range of resources
  7. Helps to set priorities

Builder interview questions

Do they have required licenses and are they insured? What are their professional qualifications, credentials and references? What kind of amenities, interior finishes and upgrades do they provide? What type/length warranty do they offer? How long will your project take? Do they offer services of a professional designer?

A final point while ascending the pyramid of interior design is to enjoy the complex process of selecting and choosing the materials and finishes you have always desired for your dream home; confident your interior designer and builder will ensure a great outcome.

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