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Energy Realty is Sherry’s brainstorm to offer a new standard of real estate and relocation in Houston! Having been a top producer for two of the largest real estate companies in the last 8 years, Sherry has always prided herself in her genuine attentiveness to her client’s needs and she is building a team of realtors in her own office to offer the same quality service.

Having lived abroad in both Africa and France, Sherry has experienced the trials of the expatriate life first hand, and she works that insight to her advantage when assisting international clients with buying and selling homes. While her initial success was due to her ability to work with international relocations, her knowledge and expertise quickly earned her a reputation as a skilled Realtor that takes the stress out of buying and selling a home.

Sherry has continued down a path of success by thinking ahead of the curve during a changing real estate market, identifying that the days of realtors sitting back and waiting for homes to sell are over. Her innovation and expertise during a down market allowed her to remain a top producing Realtor during tough times and to move properties and buyers into homes. She continues to stay educated and networks with the top Realtors in Houston to provide top notch service to her clients. Besides earning multiple awards with both RE/MAX and Keller Williams, Sherry obtained her brokers license 4 years ago, is a Graduate of Realtor Institute, Member of Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, member of Greater Houston Home Connection, and a Five Star Award Realtor in 2011.

Her goal is to continue to provide support on both a professional and personal level to all of her clients long after the sale is done!

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Home Sales Surge with the Pandemic in Houston

Saturday, 11 July 2020 11:49

Happy Independence Day America! The 4th of July is symbolic of so many things, including the middle of summer and summertime activities.  I have so many great memories of large gatherings on the 4th of July and sitting on a lawn with a crowd of people watching the fireworks, but this year was quiet. The Shell Freedom Over Texas canceled the live concerts and City Centre canceled both the concerts and the fireworks. It was a quiet 4th of July, and I found myself wondering if this holiday will ever be the same again. With Covid-19 cases surging across 32 states, and Texas leading the charge, the Governor announced no more social gathering of more than 10 people again, and masks are now mandatory in every county that has reported 20 plus cases of COVID-19. These are unprecedented times in world history and the impact may be far greater than we originally anticipated. When Houston first went into lockdown mode in March, we saw home sales slow by 20% for the month of April and then slowly rebound in May when Houston started Phase 1 of re-opening the city. By the end of June, home sales were surging alongside of the pandemic, and many of our agents reported being “busier than ever”! As the COVID-19 cases were surging, the Governor announced the closure of bars across the state a week before the 4th of July, and the market reacted again. It is too early to tell how the real estate market will be impacted by the latest surge of this pandemic, but there was a definite slow down in showing activity in the last week of June. At the beginning of May, I predicted that our Summer market would be hot with home sales as housing needs changed and many people started looking for more space as a result of spending more time at home.  I also urged many sellers to consider that the market could shift again after August so it was important to price homes to sell by the end of the summer, or we could see more inventory sitting on the market this fall. However, I can only speculate, and if we have learned anything, one event can cause our market to shift overnight. The good news is that mortgage rates are at historical lows, so homes are more affordable. As we all spend more time at home, our homes are becoming the center of every activity. This is our new normal, and the good old days of large gatherings may not return until we find a vaccine.  Energy Realty is committed to assisting our clients during these difficult times, but we ask that everyone stay safe, wear a mask, and help stop the spread. Writer – Sherry Campbell

Black Lives Matter x All Lives Matter

Monday, 08 June 2020 12:32

Tomorrow George Floyd’s body will be laid to rest in Houston, but the United States cannot rest until we unite together as a nation and demand change-we must stand together and stop senseless killings and racism once and for all. The founding principles of America are Equality- The First Principle is that all Persons are created equal. We can unite peacefully, but we must unite and insist on change. Every person in the United States should be able to feel that they will be treated equally by law enforcement, businesses, employment, schools, healthcare, housing, and the list goes on. These are troubling times with the spread of COVID-19 already killing so many Americans. No person should be afraid to walk on the street and face a senseless death. The death of George Floyd represents a history of racism and deep rooted history that must be put to rest with his body. As a business owner, I feel that it is my duty to stand up for what I believe in in these troubling times.  There are many fights that we will have to endure as Americans, including COVID-19, so why do we need to continue to fight each other? We are all American and we should defend the rights of every person. Our hearts go out to George Floyd and his family and every black American that has faced fear and persecution for any reason. Our office is dedicated to providing the same level of service to every American, with no discrimination – this is the way it should be. Energy Realty is a team of International Realtors and we are here to support our community during these difficult times. We stand behind equality and Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Writer: Sherry Campbell

Adapting To A New Normal

Monday, 11 May 2020 01:41

May 1 was opening day in Houston and marked 6 weeks since the Stay At Home order was issued in Houston.  During Phase 1 of the re-opening, restaurants are starting re-open and some other non-essential businesses, and while we saw restaurants busy immediately, there are still a lot of people who are reluctant to leave home. Although Real Estate was deemed an essential business and technically remained open, we saw the market slow down at least 50% when the Stay At Home order initially went into effect.  As the city starts to re-open, home viewings are picking up as well, but we are not near the normal levels of activity  that we should see this time of year. While no one can predict how and when Houston’s real estate market will rebound, the immediate future is looking brighter every day. As I write this blog on Mother’s Day weekend, my phone is blowing up with inquiries on listings and showings are picking up every week. In my opinion, there will be a shift in housing needs, and the shift will occur quickly this summer. As we spend more time in our homes (or apartments) we are all reevaluating our housing needs, and in most cases, we had 6 weeks to think about it. The home office and space to home school kids will become an essential in every home for a family, and the desire for outdoor space, including private swimming pools will increase. According to pool contractors, they have been busier than ever as people invest in installing a private pool in their backyard. Realistically, people will stop going to public swimming pools or attending events with large crowds. Apartment living may lose it’s appeal as populations decide to  sequester in a private single family home where they can maintain a distance from other people. We are all adapting to the “New Normal” and that will include how we live, work, and play. Energy Realty is adapting by learning how we can assist with buying, selling, and renting homes in a world where COVID-19 still exists. In order to make sure that we are here for the public, we have established strict protocol for showing homes and meeting with clients. Out office is now open Monday-Friday, but we will only see clients in the office by appointment only. Our agents will take precaution to not only keep themselves safe, but also our clients with a strict requirement that all parties wear masks and gloves when needed. When an occupied home is for sale, our agents will accompany showings to make sure all parties that are viewing the home are following our COVID-19 Protocol and keeping the seller and their family safe as well. In addition to taking extra precaution to keep our clients and agents safe, we are also fast-tracking into a world of technology. Virtual tours are now a requirement for all listings, and we are becoming quite savvy at the Virtual Open House. HAR launched a new Virtual Open House program that allows us to show a property online during a fixed time. Stay tuned as HAR permits live open houses again beginning next weekend. Energy Realty will be testing open houses again, but we will have to limit the number of people in a home at one time. It’s a new world out there, but if we work together, we can make it better! Check out my Podcast on the Real Estate and the New Normal with Dawn Moore of Allegiance Title. Writer – Sherry Campbell

Financial Resources

Saturday, 04 April 2020 20:49

Energy Realty wants to remain a resource to our community, and we are here to answer questions about the housing market and beyond. While we do not claim to be experts on the Coronavirus, we have gathered some helpful information about financial assistance to answer some of the questions: Contact your mortgage company to arrange payment deferment if you are unable to make payments. For more information please go to If your income has been impacted and you cannot pay your rent, contact your landlord to make arrangements. Please note that although landlords cannot file an eviction for the next two months, they are not obligated to defer rental payments and can file an eviction after two months if you are behind. It is always best to work with your landlord. More information on the HUD’s eviction and foreclosure moratorium can be found here. Small business assistance through SBA and Emergency Economic Injury Disaster Loan Grants (EIDL). Student Loan payments are suspended for six months with no penalty or interests. Tax relief for individuals and businesses-please contact your CPA for details. Unemployment assistance is available for independent contractors at this time. For more information about Coronavirus Assistance, please go here

Energy Realty’s Response to Coronavirus

Saturday, 04 April 2020 18:41

Dear Clients, Agents, Friends, and Neighbors. We hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. At the time of writing this, over 290,000 Americans have Coronavirus, and over 7500 have died. A Stay At Home order is now in effect until April 30, 2020, but real estate services have been deemed essential by local officials. People have to have a place to live, and some sellers have to sell now. Although first and foremost, we have a moral obligation to Stay Home and Flatten the Curve, we are still trying to figure out how we can also assist our clients. Since the Stay Home order was issued, showings have dropped over 45%, indicating that most agents and buyers are not viewing properties at this time, so in most cases, we are advising sellers to delay listing their homes until the order is lifted. Energy Realty is attempting to return to a “new normal” by opening our offices with minimum hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so we can receive clients by appointment only when necessary. We are also fast tracking to virtual technology and video conferences to assist while maintaining a safe distance. Qualified buyers are still able to get mortgages, title companies are still able to close transactions (in person, electronically, or via mobile notary), and movers are still moving. A recent Coronavirus Addendum was added to our Contracts to protect buyers in the event of coronavirus infection or job loss. Not every agent feels comfortable showing homes, and I encourage every agent to only show a home that is vacant and with extreme safety precautions. TREC just created a form that requires all parties to permit showings or viewings and to disclose if they have or have been exposed to Coronavirus. Most importantly, we will continue to keep our clients informed with how we can help during this difficult time.  We are currently operating under the following capacity Selling a Home – We are having online meetings with Sellers about the market and preparing your home to sell in this market, but we suggest waiting to list if the home is occupied. We are adding a Coming Soon to our website and can market your home at and on our social media pages until the Stay Home order is lifted. Showings on Vacant Homes – When needed, we will attempt to show clients vacant properties or do Virtual Showings, as long as authorities allow. Agents and buyers should use extreme precaution with the use of gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer when viewing homes. Virtual Open Houses – Although HAR has deemed real estate as an essential business, they have blocked Open Houses online and are discouraging open houses during the Stay Home order. We will host Virtual Open Houses on vacant properties, but we respectfully request to limit or forego showings on homes that are occupied at this time. Homes Under Contract –We will permit appraisers and inspectors to do their jobs when necessary while taking extreme caution. Closing on Contracts- Closings are proceeding as normal, but we are seeing some delays due to a slow down with mortgage approval and the lack of appraisers in the field; however, the title companies are open and have also fast tracked to online closings and mobile notaries when necessary. Buying or Renting –We can continue to write offers and negotiate contracts. Meetings and Training- Our regularly scheduled Wednesday meetings/training have been moved to an online format, and our agents are loving it! We are seeing great participation and everyone in our office is working together to get through this difficult time. We do not know what the real estate market will look like once the Stay Home order is lifted, but we do know that our housing market was strong when this started. Houston has been through lots of challenges and this may be the toughest one yet, but this is a great place to live with a vibrant community. Remember, we are in this together and will keep Houston Strong! Please stay safe and well and we will stay in touch. Warmest regards, Sherry Campbell-Broker/Owner-Energy Realty

Will Coranavirus Strike Our Housing Market?

Monday, 09 March 2020 04:50

Every time I turn on the news, there is another scary story about the spread of the Coronavirus. People are now preparing to stock their homes with a month’s supply of groceries in the event that we are all not allowed to leave our homes until the virus is contained. Is that out of a Will Smith movie? Meanwhile, home sales have continued to pick up the pace as more communities are seeing multiple offers on homes. The Coronavirus is causing a scare in the financial world, so feds are continuing to drop interest rates so we are now seeing interest rates as low as 2015 when our housing market was a seller’s market. Are we heading into a seller’s market again this summer? I sure hope so! Parts of Houston have already entered into a seller’s market, including the Heights, where homes are receiving multiple offers within days of listing. In these markets, buyers are offering above list price to compete. We have even seen some multiple offers in the Energy Corridor and Katy, so the indicators are looking good. Will the Coronavirus turn our market upside down again? Oil prices and stock markets have been plummeting as news of the virus spreading around the world is creating a scare. Conferences and travel are being cancelled daily as people choose too minimize their risks and stay home. How can we continue to conduct business if we don’t travel in a world where our economy is reactive to world economies? It seems crazy to let a little virus cause so much damage over night so I hope our world leaders figure out a solution to this problem quickly. Meanwhile, if we have to be holed up in our houses, perhaps finding the right home becomes even more important. The good news is that our real estate market in Houston typically reacts to oil price changes within 6-12 months. Buy your homes this summer then stock up on groceries! Writer – Sherry Campbell

Standing Tall Amongst the Giant Brokerages

Sunday, 09 February 2020 23:15

I just returned from Inman Connect in New York after 3 days of listening to some of the top “movers and shakers” in the real estate industry. As the broker-owner of Energy Realty, I wanted to hear what top brokerages are doing to keep up with the fast changes occurring in the industry and how we can not only stay on top of those changes, but offer a better experience for our clients. The top three changes occurring in the industry are: 1) Large brokerages buying up small ones; 2) I-buyer programs are growing but only take up under 10% of the market; 3) technology is streamlining the real estate transaction. So, the question is, in a market where large brokerages and I-Buyer companies are slowly taking over the industry, how does a small boutique brokerage like Energy Realty compete? My answer is that although the large brokerages offer the name brands nationwide, home buyers and sellers are looking for Realtors that are specialists in one area, not the entire world. A local specialist like Energy Realty has a pulse on the local market and can offer professional guidance for selling and buying a home in a specific market. I pride myself in hiring top-notch agents and personally training them to offer personal, hands on professional service for all of our clients. In addition, we are keeping pace with alternative marketing and transaction solutions to create a stress-free experience. While companies like Zillow and have made the home search easily accessible to the public, most people forget that HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) has been doing that for years in Houston. Buyers in Houston have been searching for homes on their own for a long time, but they have continued to seek the professional guidance of experienced Realtors in the buying and selling process. As we head into an age of new and better technology, professional agents will wear many hats to help clients decipher all the information on the internet and will continue to offer the knowledge and guidance needed when purchasing or selling a home. Our industry cannot be compared to the large retailer purchasing the independent retailer because we don’t have to compete with buying power- we offer a service, and the boutique brokerage can always compete when it comes to quality service. Energy Realty has survived the downturn of the oil industry and Hurricane Harvey, and we plan to stand strong among st the giant brokerages for years to come. Writer: Sherry Campbell

What’s Ahead in 2020?

Monday, 06 January 2020 22:53

Happy New Year! While activity slowed down the last 2 weeks of 2019, my phone started ringing on December 26 and showing activity resumed immediately.  If the last week of 2019 is an indication of what we have to look forward to in 2020, this could be a stellar year for home sales, and we could come out of a buyer’s market. It always amazes me that this market can change overnight. While homes lingered on the market for 6 months or longer the latter half of 2019, I have already seen some of these homes go under contract this year. Many sellers chose to change Realtors after their homes did not sell, and I wanted to point out that sometimes, it is the market that needs to change, not the Realtor. The two key factors that Realtors can assist with, and hopefully lead you towards a sale, are Price and Presentation.  If your home does not have any showings, ask your agent to check with other agents with listings in the neighborhood-if their listings do not have showings, then it is a market issue. If other listings have showings, then you and your Realtor need to re-evaluate the price or presentation. It is important to understand that the real estate market is fickle, so both the Seller and their Realtor need to constantly monitor the market and gauge the response from the public once they have settled on a price. What may have started as a reasonable list price could change as other seller’s lower their prices in reaction to the market. A price reduction does not always mean that a house was over-priced to begin with, but it could be that the market (or buyers) did not respond to that price. The Presentation of a property incorporates the photos, staging, and the way a home is marketed.  Presentation is everything that a Realtor does to bring buyers in to see your home. If the home is presented and marketed well, but buyers still aren’t making an offer, it is time to evaluate the price again. There is a saying in the industry, “Every home will send in any market at the right price.” If the market is not accepting a price that you agree with or are willing to sell your home, it may not be the right time to sell your home, so talk to your Realtor about your options. January is a month for paying property taxes, HOA dues, and making New Year’s Resolutions. At Energy Realty, our resolutions for 2020 are as follows: We will continue to invest in technology so that we can offer a seamless real estate experience for all of our clients. We will continue to find new and innovative methods to market homes so that we are always ahead of the curve. We will continue to educate our Realtors so that they are the most knowledgeable and professional Realtors in Houston. We will open a branch office in Katy. Share some of your New Year’s Resolutions on our Facebook or Instagram Page. If buying or selling a house is one of your resolutions, we hope to help you reach that goal. Writer – Sherry Campbell

Where Have All the Buyers Gone

Saturday, 07 December 2019 15:57

A recent article in Houston Agent Magazine headlined “Houston is Heading for a Record-Breaking 2019”, yet for most of our neighborhoods, we are seeing homes lingering on the market. Why does the media always post optimistic articles about the real estate market when prices on homes in established neighborhoods keep dropping and the homes are still not selling? I had to reach deep beyond “Fake News” and a light when off in my head when my father, who is a Realtor in Montana, commented that he read an article that said “We will have an overabundance of Baby Boomers homes in the near future because these are not the type of homes Millennials are looking for.” So what is it that the Millennial, our biggest home-buying segment for 5 years in a row, is looking for? According to an article I found in The Post & Courier online, “Millennials are 52% more likely to buy a multi-family property compared to Generation X and Baby Boomers.” This article also indicated that unlike Generation X, Millennials are not opposed to fixer-uppers; however, due to student loan debt, Millennials tend to purchase in the low $200’s. Where do you find homes in the low $200’s in our neighborhoods beside a multi-family townhome or condominium? The answer is new construction in the suburbs, which is growing at a rate of 30,000 homes per year for the next two years, according to an article in the Houston Chronicle. This same article also revealed that since the most recent oil bust, the U.S. Census Bureau has estimated that we are losing over 19,500 residents a year over the last two years compared to a gain of 60,000 residents a year just prior to the bust. So there lies the answer! Homes are selling in the lower price range and existing homes continue to compete with new construction. “After the most recent oil bust, the homebuilding market has shifted toward more moderately priced homes, with the majority of construction activity delivering homes in the $200,000 to $400,000 price range,” the Houston Chronicle article cited. I had to do some digging, but I hope this sheds some light on this market. What does that mean for the homes in our neighborhoods? You either have to lower your price to appeal to the Millennial buyer or fix your home up to appeal to the Generation X buyer. Writer – Sherry Campbell

Best Time to Buy a Remodeled Flood Home

Saturday, 09 November 2019 11:08

Over two years after Harvey devastated communities in Houston, we are still struggling to sell homes that flooded. Despite the fact that even the Texas Real Estate Commission has revised seller’s disclosures to differentiate the homes that flooded from the “release of a reservoir” and homes that flooded from a “natural flood event”, a large percentage of buyers are still hesitant to buy these homes. It is important to remind buyers of the following when it holds true: 1) These homes never flooded before. 2) These homes flooded after 50” of rain and the release of not one but TWO reservoirs. 3) when professionally remediated, these homes can be restored. Buyers often ask me, “How do we know what is behind the walls and if the seller remodeled correctly?” I always respond with, “How do you know what is behind the walls of any home in Houston, including new construction?” Now more than ever, it is important to be diligent with inspections including checking the following inspections: Structural and Mechanical Underground Plumbing or Hydrostatic Tests Foundation Inspections Mold Inspections The silver lining after Harvey is homes that were old and outdated have now been modernized with more on-trend finishes and open floor plans, so when you find a home that has been remodeled well, it is a great opportunity to buy in these flooded neighborhoods.  Many of these homes are priced 10%-20% below pre-flood value, despite the fact that they are in like-new condition. Please be careful because there are some remodeled flood homes that are not done well. Ask questions about the remodel and permits when applicable. A good Realtor can guide you through this process. No two homes are created equal and some of these flooded homes were remodeled with poor finishes and workmanship. The neighborhoods in the Energy Corridor have so much to offer and as the memory of Harvey fades, the location and quality of living that you can find in these locations will far outweigh the risks. Prices will come back, it is just a question of how soon! Stay tuned for neighborhood videos coming soon on the Energy Realty website that highlights why these neighborhoods are a great place to live. Writer – Sherry Campbell


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